MarketingSherpa Landing Page Guidebook

7 12 2007

I read the 2005 edition of the Landing Page Guidebook already and it really helped me learn the fundamentals of landing page optimization (LPO). Finally MarketingSherpa released a new edition for 2008 and it is a hefty upgrade. I’ve ripped this straight from the SherpaStore just so you can see how much work they did:

Comparison Chart: Landing Page Handbook 1st vs 2nd Edition
  1st Ed New 2nd Ed
Useful Stats & Data Charts 16 54
Sample Landing Pages 59 114
Pages 190 273
Design and Copy Tactics Jun 2005 New Nov 2007

I’ve just started reading it, so I’ll have to post my thoughts on it later, but I wanted to link to a recent webinar they did based on this new information. The webinar was “Top 5 Tests to Raise Landing Page Conversions”. Here are the slides in PDF and the audio in mp3. If you don’t want to buy the new handbook or want to get a few great tips quickly, this is a great way to do it.



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