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About me

I’m a University of Washington graduate that started as a marketing intern at Widemile and soon after decided to pursue optimization as my career. Right now I’m a client service associate/optimization analyst, handling client projects and a little of a lot of other things. My love for the internet has stretched half of my life and I am happier than ever to be working in the medium I love. Along with my work, I enjoy blogging (obviously), environmental sustainability, books of all kinds and mixed martial arts.

About Widemile

Widemile is a marketing technology start-up in downtown Seattle. We specialize in multivariate testing of web pages in a full-service capacity (we have in-house creative!) Our client list ranges from our friends at Microsoft to The Weather Channel to Smartsheet. Landing page optimization is our mainstay, but we take on projects of all kinds.

You can find us on 4th and Union with a great view of Puget Sound.

In more proper terms, our mission is: “To be the world’s leading provider of customer conversion solutions, enabling our clients to realize the full potential of their online properties.” In summary, we want to maximize your conversions in order to make every company and marketer look good 🙂

Check us out at www.widemile.com.

About the Widemile Team

Occasionally I may bring in someone to write an article or refer to someone I talked to at Widemile, so here are some short introductions. These are the people I learn from everyday and have a great time working with.

My boss (and Director of Optimization) is Frans Keylard. He’s the testing expert here, having been running tests at Widemile longer than anyone else. If I can’t answer it, Frans can.

Dean Kimball is the co-founder, CTO and the technology powerhouse here. Every time I talk with him he opens my mind to the endless opportunities in multivariate testing. Also, he trusted me to write this blog, so my thanks goes out to him.

Robert Bergquist is Widemile’s CEO. He helps spread the word about testing (among many other important things) and is likely the guy you’ll see speaking at trade shows and representing Widemile. His enthusiasm and leadership are what drives the gears here at the office. If you ever see him around, I encourage you to talk to him.

Vladimir Brayman is our chief scientist and can answer everything I throw at him. Anytime I have a question about the validity of a test, want to find unique correlations in the data, or anything else, he can tell me, not only the answer, but also if I’m asking the right question in the first place.

If you want official bios on Bob and Dean you can look at their official summaries at the Widemile website.


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20 12 2007
5 regras para desenhar uma landing page de qualidade « Inovação

[…] Billy, do Billy´s Blog, por exemplo, que escreveu essas 5 regras para desenhar uma landing page de […]

9 01 2011
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