Two types of tests (and I’m not talking MV or Split)

28 11 2007


There are a lot of things to know to be a pro at testing, so I’ll cover some of the basics every week. Hopefully I’ll have a nice inventory of posts that can be used as a resource for you or anyone else to quickly learn the testing language and methods.

A good starting point to learning about testing methodology is to wrap your head around the idea of template and in-place tests.

A template test is a test using a new template in competition with the original template and is best done as a split test. A template test basically means you have all the same content but in different positions on the page. This is an example template:

Template 1

If this is my original template and I am doing a template test, I would switch the items around, but have the same exact content (hero shot, headline, price, etc.) to make a new template like this:

Template 2

These two templates would compete in a split test. A note though, even if I only move one thing, say I bring the Call-to-Action Button above the First Party Validation, it is still considered a template test.

However, if all I am doing is swapping out the content in those positions then it is an in-place test. Usually a multivariate test is an in-place test, trying out new headlines, images and text within the positions of the original content.

Typically you want to do a template test first to find the best positioning and then an in-place test to find the best messaging.

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