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6 03 2008

Edit: I fixed all the links in this post.  Copy and pasting is getting the best of me!

I recently came across a few great posts that I enjoyed and wanted to pass onto you all. The first is from Tim Ash, who has written a great book on Landing Page Optimization. One of his more recent entries discusses how to write effective copy to increase conversions.

One of my favorite bloggers, Avinash Kaushik tells marketers to embarrass their managers in order to succeed at their campaigns. Testing tops that list of course, but his other techniques are great methods at “working the system.”

Lastly, Lenny de Rooy, wrote a guest post at SEO Scoop about 5 misconceptions of Google Web Optimizer. It goes slightly beyond just GWO itself and into testing methodology


Getting Cultured in Testing

5 12 2007


“I only need to run my analytics for one month because it’s not going to be different next month.”

I think saying that would get any online marketer fired. So why do I encounter people that assume they only need to test pages once?

This is beginner level testing methodology. Every online business needs to have a testing culture. What do I mean by this? Go back to my example of web analytics. Analytics is continuous because you need to know how your pages are performing. Testing is the same way, once you stop testing, you stop the flow of information about what visitors like and dislike about your pages.

A testing culture is where you continuously test your pages and realize that anything you do or change, should be a candidate for testing.

Got a new web design? Do a split test to see if it actually performs. Want to update your banner? Test it! Your copywriter make a few product descriptions to choose from? Try them all out and see which works.

Even after you’re done with all of that, try to beat it.

There are times when a page can be left untested, but be aware of anything that may merit another test for a page. Everything from seasonality to changes in PPC ads could have a huge impact on your web site and therefore your previous test results might not be optimal anymore.

If your company is holding you back from testing, do what we recommend our customers. Get your feet wet by trying one or two tests and after you see the results start continual testing. Not only will you be able to optimize your pages more efficiently, but you’ll open up yourself to a lot of deeper testing techniques… that’s for another day though.