Case Study:

18 12 2007

I try to keep this blog non-company specific but my boss Frans Keylard, Director of Optimization, helped write up an informative case study of a client he worked on, The case study is 4 pages long, covering the process and analysis of a multivariate test we did on one of’s landing pages. You can download it from, it requires a name and an e-mail to get it (sorry!)

Here’s my favorite image from the whole thing… optimization results


Getting started

26 11 2007

Being a newcomer to the small but growing online testing industry has put me in a unique position. Not only do I get to learn about completely fresh and exciting marketing technology, but also I have an opportunity to build upon this nascent industry. While I have only just started, already I am way ahead of most online marketers in terms of understanding online content optimization.

Recently, A/B, split and multivariate testing have become hot topics in online marketing, yet they are still far from commonplace. With that comes a lack of resources or even knowledge about testing, although the demand to know more is quickly rising. As I have found out, and hope to share with this blog, there is a lot more to testing than just trying new things out. Much like the many businesses that have been burned by bad PPC campaigns, there are businesses that have had bad experiences testing. However, I know for a fact that good testing methodology and technology drives results. I hope that I can help other marketers out there learn more about optimization and develop a culture of testing and optimization in their companies.

Don’t just change it, test it.